WWE WrestleMania 33: 3 Potential 'Replacements' for Randy Orton

WWE Smack Down Women's champion Alexa Bliss is in action Alexa Bliss  Instagram

Again, I wasn't expecting the title change to come so soon, but the road to WrestleMania 33 now seems a lot more interesting because of the championship title picture.

The Elimination Chamber is much, much safer now. The crowd chants "You deserve it" as Bray soaks it in and says he knew this day was coming. He said that having too much powerful can be unsafe for everyone except for him. He told the WWE universe to walk by his side and he would lead them to paradise but if they stand against him then he would punish them. Not that high profile matches between John Cena and The Undertaker weren't substantial, it's just now finally Bray is at a point where whether win or lose, he could still come out of Mania with momentum. It's possible that The Miz, also a part of the Chamber match, costs Cena the title to set up their rumoured feud. So, Daniel Bryan stepped in on "Talking Smack" and let the world know what they were planning on doing. That said, Wyatt's promo, his first since winning the title, was the first time his character truly felt complete on the main roster.

Styles is still owed a one-on-one championship rematch, and General Manager Daniel Bryan realizes that both Cena and Styles are equally deserving of a rematch. Seeds were well planted for the Miz and John Cena to take things from here while a battle between Baron Corbin and Dean Ambrose looks a dead cert. He hasn't found him yet.

The SmackDown Tag Team Championships were defended in a tag team turmoil match, which is a gauntlet-style match. There is already wild - and unsubstantiated - speculation that Cena will propose in the ring after the match. Jordan hit a series of suplexes to both Viktor and Konnor.

Arguably needing more work than the SmackDown women's division is the SmackDown tag team division, which is literally American Alpha and then no one else. A brawl that was so wild, they bumped into Maryse, knocking what I hope was make-up powder all over the A-Lister. See, Corbin got Ambrose eliminated on Sunday, by beating the pulp out of him after Dean pinned him. This ends the segment.

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The pick of the three matches was arguably the last candidate to be so - veteran Natalya and Nikki Bella put on a stellar performance in what was probably the match of the latter's career so far. They start fighting until security broke it up. The match and the near fall only got better as the match went on, and it was one of the better television matches in recent memory.

Corbin was interviewed backstage and when asked why he attacked Ambrose, he noted that Ambrose is the reason that he is not WWE Champion right now. I do have to admit, I wouldn't mind Ziggler show up to a few NXT shows (like what Cesaro once did) and focus on keeping down the younger talent. Dolph Ziggler lost to Apollo Crews and Kalisto in a fairly forgettable match on Sunday. Becky Lynch and Mickie James was bad, and Kalisto and Apollo Crews beating Dolph Ziggler in a 2-on-1 handicap match was one that you could miss in it's entirety.

The Kickoff Show for WWE WrestleMania 33 will officially begin at 5 P.M. EST/2 P.M. PST. Lynch rolled up James for 2.

Lynch got the win at the weekend over the wily and respected veteran who has made her return after seven years out of the ring.

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