Valentina Sampaio Makes History as First Vogue Transgender Model

Emmanuelle Alt Publishes a Groundbreaking Cover of Transgender Model Valentina Sampaio on French Vogue's

Alt also told American Vogue that the cover stands for the importance of human rights at a time when "they're not going in a good direction".

A sultry Sampaio, bathed in dark purple and blue light, appears over the words "Transgender Beauty", with a subtitle reading "How they are shaking up the world", on the cover to appear on newsstands February 23.

Vogue Paris is to become the first French magazine to feature a transgender model on its cover, according the honour to Valentina Sampaio of Brazil for its March edition. She settled on Sampaio after browsing through her Instagram.

Valentina Sampaio, a stunning Brazilian model, gets the full glamour treatment in the March issue of Vogue Paris and makes history to boot. The editor got to know of Sampaio late a year ago, when Alt's assistant suggested she take a look at an online story about her.

See a second cover featuring Valentina in the gallery (above)!

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In her editorial column Alt says, "Apart from one small detail, Valentina, the femme fatale, was born a boy". (The 29-year-old model has been a regular on the covers of worldwide editions of Vogue for years.) Appearing on the cover of a storied magazine like Vogue continues to be a major triumph for models, especially those who grace multiple editions of the magazine in their career.

The photoshoot was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, and styled by Vogue Paris' editor-in-chief, Emmannuelle Alt. [She] embodies an age-old, arduous struggle to be recognized and not to be perceived as something Other, a gender exile.

Alt writes: "The day when a transsexual poses for a magazine cover and it will be no longer necessary to write an editorial on the subject, we will know that the fight has been won".

But Emmanuelle Alt says it's something her magazine is now proud to be part of.

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