Projections of pregnant Trump, Putin appear in Chelsea, Williamsburg

Projections of pregnant Trump, Putin appear in Chelsea, Williamsburg

An artist projected an image of Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump in a naked embrace on a New York City building on Valentine's Day.

The report said there was nothing more to report, however, about a possible meeting such as when and where it would take place.

Last week, Putin said that a possible venue for the first encounter with Trump could be Ljubljana, Slovenia, but stated that the choice of venue did not depend on Moscow alone.

"A meeting between the Russian and the USA president has been agreed on, intensive work on its agenda is underway, we intend to make the agenda positive", the Russian Senate speaker said.

The Kremlin's press service earlier said that during their phone conversation on January 28, Putin and Trump showed determination to conduct an active joint effort on stabilizing and developing Russian-U.S. cooperation. The two recently had a phone conversation, seen by many in Moscow and in Washington as a "good start, " and a significant shift from the rhetoric of the previous United States administration.

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When Vyacheslav Nikonov, the chairman of the country's parliamentary committee on education, announced Trump had won the lower house of Russia's parliament clapped and cheered.

When asked about it on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters that Flynn and Kislyak had not discussed lifting sanctions on Moscow.

The Washington Post's report, which cites current and former USA officials, contradicts Flynn's earlier comments that he never discussed the topic with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during a series of phone calls the month before Trump took office.

"We have already said there have not been any [such talks]".

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