Pence breaks tie, affirms DeVos as Education Secretary

Education department misspells W.E.B. Du Bois's name in tweet

There's tremendous choice in DC already so there's nothing that needs to be fixed we need fairness. "And we're eager to listen and learn from you, your ideas for how we can ensure that all of our kids have an equal opportunity for a high quality, great education".

A recent school segregation report indicated 70% of D.C. students attend schools where 90-100% of their classmates are Black or Hispanic.

Bufford and Legend work with young people through music workshops and mentoring programs and Bufford said after seeing "what artistic expression can do for a young person, he worries that if money is taken away from public schools, students would not have access to the arts".

The group's members, Bufford and Magestik Legend, grew up in MI -- the former in the suburb of Ann Arbor and the latter in downtown Detroit, but their public school experiences were vastly different. The comment came after the principal of a Northern Virginia special education center said her school had shifted its population to accommodate more students with autism.

Four other Republican senators - who all sit on the committee considering Puzder's nomination - have expressed reservations about his nomination.

DeVos' ideology would leave public schools behind, as the Trump administration prefers a policy of "school choice", which would favor charter and private schools, leaving scarce funding for the public education system.

In at least two previous letters I have stated that we must get the federal government out of public education if traditional public schools are to be successful.

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She had a rocky confirmation hearing, during which she seemed to not be familiar with critical education issues, such as the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act. Democrats and teachers' unions were vehemently opposed to her nomination.

I was curious if the confirmation of DeVos would have implications for the Bowling Green, but Rudloff said she didn't believe students here in Bowling Green would necessarily sense some radical difference that would occur from a top-down standpoint. DeVos tweeted on Monday, "Day 1 on the job is done, but we're only getting started".

"I think she is a bad pick because she advocates using school vouchers".

"I am personally anxious that she's going to use a large sum of federal funding for charter schools, which I think will negatively impact public schools".

"Maybe I am old fashioned, but democracy depends on a high-quality education system", he said.

"We want to do that on a large-scale basis", Mr. Trump said. In Spring 2016, she argued against a bill in the Michigan State House that would give the state control over charter schools in Detroit.

Who knew that Democratic politicians cared so much about public education in America?

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