Lady Gaga and Metallica's Grammys collaboration was as freaky as everyone predicted

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But the real crime was not that Gaga performed with Metallica, rather that a technical malfunction caused lead singer James Hatfield's microphone to short out and not work.

The singer, fresh off her dazzling half-time performance in last week's Super Bowl 51, showed up at the Grammys making another powerful statement. The rest of the performance went off without a hitch and ended with crowd-surfing by Gaga.

Lady Gaga and Metallica's explosive performance didn't start off as planned at the star-studded music ceremony.

"I know it's live TV, I'm sorry", she began, before being bleeped out, thanks to the broadcast's eight-second delay, while uttering an expletive (on past form, nearly certainly an F-bomb).

Gaga shared the photo on Instagram and captioned the shot: "This one ❤ killin it tonight like girls do". Mainly because Gaga wore perhaps the riskiest outfit on the carpet... a cut out top that showed off her breasts, tiny leather hot trousers and super tall paten leather boots! At that time, I was mostly unaware that Metallica was so much heavier and less-accessible in the 1980s, and for me, that meant the Black Album was as good as it got.

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They may have suffered a setback, but Lady Gaga and Metallica still owned the stage. And then, mere days later, Gaga wowed us again at the Grammys. She proudly showed off her pregnant belly while clad in a Peter Dundas gown, as reported by People.

Those who watched the 2017 Grammy Awards live on CBS knew what was going on, but you could barely tell watching the artists.

The most surprising and unusual performance of the night will be Lady Gaga.

"I really had a real sense of being in the zone for this performance, worked on it for a really long time, took months, trained hard", she continued.

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