Kate Upton Sizzles on THREE Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Covers

Stone fully supports SI Swimsuit’s emphasis on body positivity over the past couple

Sports Illustrated announced the exciting news on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Upton also took to Twitter to express her excitement at the three-time cover star status.

Upton was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to make the announcement that she will be this year's cover girl.

Kate Upton says it is inspiring to have Christie Brinkley in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue at the age of 63. People feel ashamed when they look bad one day, but it's OK not to love yourself every second of every day.

Instead, readers get three covers: one with a topless Kate Upton wearing a sort of waist necklace, one with Upton wrapped in a tangle of what looks like macrame, and one with Upton in a pair of bikini bottoms matched with a long-sleeved top. After Kimmel joked that one of the model's cover outfits looks less like a swimsuit and more like a "hammock that has been torn to bits", she noted that another cover ensemble is just a necklace. I saw that and thought, 'Oh my gosh, these women are so handsome and they are my size.' By that time, I had gained some weight and I was about a size 10-12.

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Williams is featured in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, having done a very revealing photoshoot with the magazine. To date, the blonde beauty has appeared in big screen comedy, The Other Woman, alongside Cameron Diaz as well as smaller projects like her leading role in Lady Antebellum's music video "Bartender". In a video, she describes her shoot as "high-end Vogue vibes", and adds, "Getting on the cover of Sports Illustrated has completely changed my life".

Kate Upton has done it again. "She spent years dieting to force her body to stay just around 115 lbs. despite her 5'11" height, because she thought there was no chance she would get modeling jobs at a higher weight".

But editor MJ Day has made it her mission to inspire a more diverse idea of beauty by putting herself on the front line.

The theme of the buzzy Winter 2017 issue is diversity.

"I have the passion to embrace all body types, in all different people, and all different types of women - it is really special to me", she said.

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