Impersonator 'Harald Hitler' is arrested in Nazi leader's Austrian birthplace

Adolf Hitler's doppelgänger spotted in AUSTRIA near the Nazi leader's birthplace

"I have often seen this gentleman in Braunau and wonder if this means something", local media quoted a resident as saying, alongside a picture of the man it said resembled Hitler.

Glorifying either Hitler or the Nazis is a criminal offence in Austria.

A 25-year-old man has been arrested in Austria after dressing up as Hitler in public.

The man in his 20's was also spotted in a local bookshop inquiring about World War II magazines.

Mr Furtner said the man appeared to "glorify Hitler" and told the BBC that Zenz had only recently moved to the town. Prosecutors have confirmed the report.

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The case once again puts the spotlight on Braunau am Inn, a town of 17,000 on the German border that has repeatedly made headlines because of its historical ties to Hitler.

An investigation is now underway by Austrian police.

The incident comes amid an ongoing legal dispute over Hitler's birthplace.

However, the current owner of the building has challenged the government's attempt in court.

Austria's parliament voted in December to buy the building to control how it is used. In October, the authorities announced their plans to demolish the house to prevent neo-Nazis from visiting the site to pay homage to the Nazi dictator. The place is now gaining attention after the Austrian government declared the intent to acquire the house where Hitler was born.

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