Catapult to launch drugs from Mexico over United States border destroyed

A drug catapult at the Mexico-U.S. border east of the Douglas Port of Entry

Border Patrol agents found the catapult on February 10, east of the Douglas Port of Entry, authorities said.

Agents say the catapults can fling 100-pound bales of marijuana over the walls and fences.

As they got closer, the agents discovered a catapult set up and attached to the Mexico side of the border fence.

A drug catapult used to throw drugs into Arizona from Mexico was found on the Mexico side of the border fence last week during a routine border patrol.

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Douglas station border patrol agents recently seized two bundles of marijuana they say were catapulted across the border.

The Border Patrol agents contacted law enforcement authorities in Mexico who responded to investigate.

Officials have also seen drugs shot over the border with "devices such as air-powered cannons", or dropped into the desert with "ultralight aircraft", according to The Associated Press. However, he adds, smugglers still tend to use traditional methods to bring drugs across the border through the ports of entry.

The catapult was dismantled, but it remains to be seen whether more such devices will be used to get drugs into the US from Mexico.

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