UK Considering $1200 Charge to Hire EU Workers After Brexit

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Amid much hand-wringing among MPs and others over Prime Minister Theresa May harping on the line that "Brexit means Brexit" and that she will not provide a running commentary on her approach, Downing Street has announced a major speech on the subject on Tuesday.

"We already have a strong and diversified trading relationship with the UK".

A number of short-term focused traders and brokers said sentiment had turned broadly against the pound, pointing to signs of division among government officials and the threat of a political crisis in Northern Ireland to the Brexit process.

He added, that "we are not in a position at the moment to really speculate as to what the settlement will be post Brexit negotiations".

He said that a pilot scheme, which allows three top British universities to make a more generous offer to overseas students, could also be introduced more widely.

"Labour has been clear that we need a Brexit deal that is good for British businesses, protects workers' and environmental rights and ensures a co-operative collaborative new relationship with the European Union", he said.

"While the United Kingdom remains in the EU we will work together to support an EU-New Zealand trade deal and we will also look to the future and how we can expand our trade and investment partnership".

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It has been estimated that almost 12% of the UK's 2.1 million construction workers come from overseas, mainly from the EU. New Zealand is sharing its experience and expertise in trade negotiations with the part of the preparations, she said.

Fresh in the memory is the fierce criticism of Sir Ivan Rogers, the UK's ambassador to the European Union, who condemned "muddled thinking" in his explosive resignation letter.

While outlining her vision of a "sharing society" speech at the Charity Commission earlier this week, May vowed to reveal more details about Brexit in the near future.

It was his first meeting with May and the pair spent 90 minutes talking over a lunch.

"She listens carefully, a very determined woman and a clear thinker".

"We can see no situation where what they get is better than what they have", the Prime Minister said as recently as last Wednesday.

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