People are boycotting LL Bean, so Donald Trump stepped in

L.L. Boycott? Pro-Trump Heiress of Maine Retailer Draws Criticism

The governor is encouraging customers to continue to support L.L. Bean.

Twitter users responded to Trump's L.L. Bean tweet with fury on Thursday, calling out the president-elect for promoting a brand on his social media account. She says she won't.

AP also notes that, according to campaign finance reports, donors linked to the company frequently donate to both Democratic and Republican causes.

"We were disappointed to learn that Grab Your Wallet is advocating a boycott against L.L. Bean exclusively because Linda Bean, who is only one of 50+ family members involved with the business, personally supported Donald Trump for President", said Shawn Gorman, L.L. Bean Executive Chairman.

The brand is now facing a boycott by the "Grab Your Wallet" group, which has focused on avoiding products made by companies that support Trump, or by companies with owners who have publicly supported Trump.

Trump's tweet came after Linda Bean appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning. "I'm not going to back down".

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump wants you to support L.L. Bean, the Maine-based maker of odd-looking but perennially popular duck boots seen on feet across the northeastern USA and beyond on rainy or snowy days. Additionally, the FEC letter said the PAC had failed to file on time for several independent expenditures for ads and communications supporting Trump and opposing Hillary Clinton. The Federal Election Commission says she exceeded the $5,000 limit.

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'They are the victims, the company's employees, ' she noted.

The boycott is the result of news coverage that Linda Bean, a granddaughter of Leon Leonwood Bean - the founder of the company - and a member of the company's board, supported Trump.

The company said she was one of more than 50 family members involved in the business and one of 10 members of the board. L.L. Bean has been praised for having one of the best return policies around, as reported by It has since revised the figure to $30,000.

Not long after that, Trump tweeted about Bean, which he usually does after watching cable news segments.

Carolyn Beem, spokeswoman for L.L. Bean said, declined to comment.

A pro-Trump PAC linked to L.L. Bean heiress Linda Bean is now reporting donations it never disclosed to the federal government a year ago. Another $15,000 was contributed by ME resident Diana Bean, the name of Linda's sister.

One filing clarifies that Bean's group is a super PAC, which allows groups and individuals to contribute unlimited amounts of money to the committee.

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