GameStop Hints At Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch


The previous announcement trailer for the Nintendo Switch showed what looked like a new entry in the Mario Kart series, or possibly an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8.

The Nintendo Switch is going to be a delight if NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, is to be believed. Community's anticipation gets hotter as the hybrid console's price reveals within the affordable price range. The Switch is expected to launch this coming March.

Nintendo's upcoming Switch console presentation will be the first big gaming event of the year, and the company is making it easy to watch. The presentation will be airing online at 4am in the United Kingdom, but the United Kingdom press will be going hands on with the device later that day.

However, the price might rise up to £249.99 (about US$300) if sold with more internal storage or bundled up with a game. Still, the paper has historically been pretty on-point when it comes to Nintendo's business, so it's good to cross-reference. You can view them all on NeoGAF. Early speculation already suggests the Switch is no where near as powerful as the current PS4 and Xbox One, let alone the 4K-ready PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. When unplugged from the TV dock, which only serves as a charger and dock - not an extra processing unit, you can take the screen device on your travels.

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Bear in mind that this is Nikkei's estimation, a prediction based on its own knowledge rather than something that can be traced to an anonymous source or leak. Do you still plan on purchasing one? That is the launch date for Nintendo's new console, so these are purported to be launch titles. Journalist Laura Kate Dale has been one of the most reliable Switch newshounds, and she confirmed the legitimacy of the images.

Currently, we have no idea how well Nvidia's Tegra chip will perform, but we could be looking at a decent amount of oomph under the hood.

According to the document, the Nintendo Switch release date is set for March 17.

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