Email scam targets Netflix customers

TheMerkle-Phishing Scam Netflix

A unique phishing scheme aimed at stealing subscribers' credit card data and other personal information mimics the streaming service well and uses strong evasion techniques, according to cybersecurity company FireEye. And the scammers now have the attention of the authorities.

Authorities in ME, referencing a report by the cyber security company FireEye, have warned Netflix customers of a possible scam targeting credit card and personal information. Clicking the link sends the user to a website that looks like the real Netflix login page.

A cyber-security firm is warning Netflix subscribers of a phishing scam.

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Netflix says it will never ask for users' personal information in an email, including billing info, social security number or password. This has been so widespread that The Aroostook County Sheriff's Office in ME posted a message on their Facebook page warning their followers of the scam.

In a new effort to make 2017 suck as much as 2016, a new phishing scam is tricking Netflix users by requesting they update their personal and financial information.

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